Hot Tub Cinema: Winter Warmers

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Hot Tub Cinema

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They’ve also hosted events like hot tub speed dating (in case you want to know what your date looks like in a bikini) as well as hot tub karaoke.

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Hot tub cinema speed dating

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How about an inflatable hot tub movie-viewing party from the rooftop of a glamorous city like London or New York City? US-based partiers are in luck! The company is planning to host its first event in NYC next month. To any who may be concerned about sanitation, Hot Tub Cinema assures its potential clients that all tubs are thoroughly cleaned, refilled, and heated before every individual show.

It is a luxurious event that celebrates film in a fun and engaging way. Attendees can either buy whole tubs to share with their friends or buy individual tickets and make buddies at the party. Hot Tub Cinema has been taking over London rooftops during the summertime since last year. It evolved from a private event with one tub seven years ago into the full-blown business it is today.

Hot Tub Speed Dating

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Outdoor Cinema · London Summer · Things To Do In London · Speed Dating · Time Out. Hot Tub Cinema (located in New York & London) — Head down to.

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Speed Dating in a Floating Hot Tub

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Another leak reveals Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remaster will Mario racer to date, which is surprising considering its release date. Lego Bar, boozy ball pit party, or hot tub cinema, 2 Feb In fact, does yet.

When the weather is so bitterly cold outside, there is only one way to enjoy some nostalgic and Christmas movies, no, not curled up in front of a fire but in a hot tub of course! Hot Tub Cinema is back this Winter showcasing some classics such as Indiana Jones , Die Hard and Gremlins bring a new viewing experience for watching cult films. Located in a disused Victorian factory, there are a number of cosy tubs, which can be hired as a group or shared with strangers.

The crowds are easy-going and friendly and I was fortunate enough to share it with some awesome Aussies tub 15! There are two screens so there is no issue of everyone cramming around one side to see the screen better, so everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the film. Once in the tub there is no reason to get out besides using the toilet! This was very tasty but a cold beer was much more needed instead to help cool down a bit. People were collectively cheering and booing during the film, making it more about the experience than the film itself.

Music videos are put up on the screens, bubbles go on and everyone stands up and has a dance twerking to Baby got Back and a sing-a-long. With the karaoke, there will be a battle of the tubs, as each group will compete against the next to win prizes. With the speed dating, ladies will be sat nice and warm in their tubs as the men move from one to the other meeting, chatting and finding the one half-naked in a hut tub?

Hot Tub Cinema: A New Way to Party

What better way to banish the winter blues than by watching a movie while bubbling away in an indoor inflatable hot tub? There’s even a speed dating night Wed Dec 11 and hot tub karaoke Thu Dec The ticket price includes the screening, an introduction from writer-director Richard Curtis and as many games of whiff-whaff as you can handle. A sidebar of comedy, storytelling, theatre and music will keep the whole family entertained.

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